Monday, 30 March 2015

Darkroom Door - New Release has arrived

Hi Everyone

After many, many years of asking politely, strongly suggesting and hinting ever so slightly, a larger TEDDY BEAR stamp has just been released from Darkroom Door (insert happy dance).  Whilst Rachel and Stewart call it the 'Teddy Bear' stamp, I think it should be renamed to 'Shut up Michelle and stop asking for a Teddy Bear'...... but as you can see, my persistence has paid off.

Oh, and there are other stamps in this release, 2 sets based on images from Amsterdam, 2 words, carved pods and vintages planes stamp set.

There are also 6 Photo stamps, obviously the Teddy Bear, but also Tulips, Golfer, Fishing, Winter Tree and Homestead. 

They are all in stock and ready to ship.

I've been colouring the Teddy Bear this weekend and will share my cards as I finish them and will also be in our classes for April.

I wonder what I'll start pestering Rachel and Stewart for next????

Happy Stamping
Michelle & Robyn 

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