Friday, 11 July 2014

Memento Tuxedo Black -vs- My Favorite Things Hybrid Ink Pad

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For stampers who use Copic Markers, we have long been told that the Memento ink pads are the best ink pads to use when colouring with Copic Markers.

There are other ink pads, but I have tended to find them bleed a little when I start colouring or I have to emboss them which takes away from the effect I'm after and let's face it, there's nothing worse then finishing colouring in something to have the ink bleed on you.

Whilst the Memento ink pad is great with Copic Markers, as a black ink pad, I find it a little faint and it's only after adding colour that you get a great image.  If I was to stamp something in black and leave it, I would use an Archival Ink pad instead.

I was seeing posts come through about the new My Favorite Things Hybrid Ink Pad and thought I would give it a go.

I tested the image using the same stamp on my favourite paper, HP Colour Laser Jet paper (200gsm - from Officeworks) and was very impressed with the difference in colour.  The top image was stamped with Memento and the bottom with the Hybrid ink pad.  This image is the wood based stamp 4320H Prize Cupcake from Penny Black.  As you can see, the Hybrid image is much darker than the Copic image.

I stared colouring with my Copic Markers and used the same colours on both images.

The images are in the same order as before, Memento on top and Hybrid on the bottom.

As normal, the Memento ink tends to look darker when coloured.  The Hybrid lines are still dark but I found that the lines are a little wider than before, indicating some bleeding, but nothing too serious.  Around the image, it is ok, but when I look closer at the fir on the hedgehog, it's not as fine as the Memento ink pad.

My next test was on a polymer stamp which we are using in this month's class and there is no way you could use a Memento and get the same effect as the Hybrid.  The image we are using is a large image with thick lines and you wouldn't get a good image from the Memento.

So, should you throw out your Memento ink pads? - No, I'm not, certainly for fine line images.  Would I recommend a Hybrid stamp pad? Yes, definitely, especially for larger images.

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